Slika Klarus G35

  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
  • Slika Klarus G35
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Klarus G35

SKU: 4013

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Klarus G35

Domet do 1000m

Baterije i punjač NISU uključeni u cenu


Garancija 12 meseci


       • Cree's newest XHP35 HI D4 LED, max output 2000 lumens, max runtime 210 hours

       • Max beam distance 1000M, best suited for outdoor adventures; search and rescue operation

       • Dual Switch design for convenient and easy operation- Independent tail and side switch, each with full set offeatures and easily adapted to any scenarios

       • Unique lockout mode prevents accidental operations; avoiding battery drains during storage or travel and prevents unintended direct shining into eyes

       • Battery capacity indicator display enables controlled usage based on remaining battery charge

       • ITS (Intelligent Temperature System) temperature control monitors internal temperature and adjusts outputs for balanced brightness; protects the LED and internal components; ensuring                 safety, stability and optimal performance

       • Dual Switch for one-touch turbo and one-touch low, plus mode memory

       • Reverse-polarity protection prevents damage due to incorrect battery orientation

       • Integral body design eliminates battery holder for superior comfort

       • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy (Mil-Spec HAIII), lightweight and abrasion resistant

       • Tempered glass lens with AR coating; scratch resistant

       • Updated reflector design, coated to provide the perfect beam spot for exceptional distance illumination

         G35: With its Extreme output, Easy interface, Far-reaching beam, and Long run time all packed into a compact body, far outperforms the competitors 


       • CREE XHP35 HI D4 LED, 50,000 hours life.

       • 4 light levels and 2 flash/strobe modes

       • Battery:3x 18650 (1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A can be used in emergencies per instruction)

       • Size:160.2mm/6.31”(Length)*73mm/2.87”(Bezel Diameter)*45.5mm/1.79”(Body Diameter)

       • Net Weight: 371g (w/out batteries)

       • Working voltage: 3-8.4V

       • Lens: Reinforced ultra-clear tempered glass, AR coated for scratch resistance

       • Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, Mil-spec HAIII hard anodized finish

       • Body color: Black

       • Water resistance: IPX-8 for use in adverse weather conditions

       • Included accessories: Lanyard*1, O-ring*1



Mobilni: 060 40 40 885 - Poručivanje telefonom
Radnim danima , 08:00-16:00, Vikendom i praznikom. : NE RADIMO

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