Slika Acebeam L16

  • Slika Acebeam L16
  • Slika Acebeam L16
  • Slika Acebeam L16
  • Slika Acebeam L16
  • Slika Acebeam L16
  • Slika Acebeam L16
  • Slika Acebeam L16
  • Slika Acebeam L16
  • Slika Acebeam L16
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Acebeam L16

SKU: 6001

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Acebeam L16 + baterija + USB kabal

Domet do 603m

2000 Lumena

Garancija 12 meseci


Isključivo upotrebom fabričke baterije lampa će svetleti sa 2000 lumena(korišćenjem drugih baterija njena maksimalna izlazna snaga je 1400 lumena)



The Acebeam L16 is a micro-USB rechargeable flashlight dedicated to law enforcement, search and rescue, military and similar applications. The brightest tactical flashlight in our range utilizes a CREE XHP35 HI LED with a max output of 2000 lumens and a beam of 603 meters. The L16 is a high-performance flashlight innovatively equipped with two independent light switches: a side switch provides access to five modes and a strobe while the tail switch allows one-touch access to turbo mode and tactical momentary illumination. The light is powered by an Acebeam IMR18650 rechargeable Li-Ion battery (included) but is also compatible with 2 x CR123A disposable batteries. The Li-Ion may be charged externally, or rapid-charged inside the L16 by connecting the built-in micro-USB port to any USB power supply. A selection of filters and a remote switch for weapons mounting - indispensable for hunting and tactical use - are available for this flashlight.

CREE® XHP35 High Intensity LED Bulb 50,000 Hours Life Time
    2000 lumens
    LED: Cree XHP35 Hi  Max 2000 lumens output using 1*18650  
    Firefly: 1lms, 500hours;
    Low:   150lms, 9 hours;
    Mid:    550lms, 2.2hours;
    High:  1000lms, 1.2 hours;  
    Turbo:  2000lms, 1.1hours;  
    Strobe: 2000lms, 2.2 hours;
    Working voltage: 3V to 6V
    Max runtime: 500 hour  
    Max beam distance: 603 meters.
    Peak beam intensity: 90800cd
    Impact resistant under water: 1.2 meters.
    Waterproof to IPX8 standard,2M 
    Size:155mm(length)x40mm(head dia)x25.4mm(body dia.)
    Weight: 128g without battery. 
    Aircraft grade aluminum body structure.
    Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish. 
    Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating.
    Strobe mode for tactical and emergency use
    Smooth reflector for max light output
    Tactical knurling for firm grip.
    Streamlined body design.
    Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max per-formance and long run time;
    Specially designed for military, Law Enforcement, Self-defense,   Hunting ,Search & Rescue and Outdoor activities.
    Intelligent temperature controlled light output for user safety
    Side Switch:
    Click the side switch to ON/OFF, 
    When flashlight is ON, press and hold the side switch to  cycle from Firefly-Low-Mid-High modes, 
    loosen then at  your selected mode. Next ON will memorize the last mode  you selected without  replace battery.
    Double click the side switch access Turbo mode and  triple click access Strobe mode regardless  the  flashlight is ON or OFF.
    Tactical Tail Switch:
    Click the tactical tail switch for momentary on and  constant activation at Turbo mode regardless what the  status of flashlight is.
    Please note if click the tactical tail switch at first,  any side switch operation is useless.
    Lock Out:
    When flashlight is OFF, press and hold the side switch  for 3 seconds, the flashlight will Lock Out after 3 seconds' 
    Firefly  output. It is useless for side switch operation now but click the tactical tail switch still can access Turbo  mode.
    When flashlight is Locked Out, press and hold the side  switch for 3 seconds, the flashlight will Unlock and light at Firefly mode.
    The built-in charging function charges 18650 Li-ion  battery through a micro USB port.( Note: To  forbid  charging in 2 X CR123 batteries.)The built-in power indicator RED means in charging  status,indicator GREEN means fully charged.
    Notice: Only when using ACEBEAM ARC18650H-310A  3100mAh battery or the same batteries of the other brand, the Max output could be up to 2000LM; When using the normal 18650 battery with PCB protection or 2 x CR123A batteries, the Max output could be only up to 1400LM

    Mobilni: 060 40 40 885 - Poručivanje telefonom
    Radnim danima , 08:00-16:00, Vikendom i praznikom. : NE RADIMO

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