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 Slika Acebeam H30

  • Slika Acebeam H30
  • Slika Acebeam H30
  • Slika Acebeam H30
  • Slika Acebeam H30
  • Slika Acebeam H30
  • Slika Acebeam H30
  • Slika Acebeam H30
  • Slika Acebeam H30
  • Slika Acebeam H30
  • Slika Acebeam H30
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Acebeam H30

SKU: 6013

Stara cena:  19.800,00 RSD Popust 14%

Nova cena:  17.000,00 RSD

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Acebeam H30 + baterija +USB punjač

4000 Lumena

Domet do 208m

Garancija 12 meseci



ACEBEAM H30 provides an unparalleled output from Ultra-Low 3 lumens to Turbo- max. 4000 lumens widely used from night reading to outdoor searching, making ACEBEAM H30 the most powerful headlamp. The equipped Type-C rechargeable function with Triple times charging speeds makes H30 much more convenient to charging the 21700 5100mAh battery inside the tube without taking the battery out. Being fitted with a CREE XHP70.2 LED white light for a better color rendering, the additional CREE XPE2-R2 630nm Red light and CREE XPE2-G3 530nm Green light allows the capability for any mission such as outdoor hunting, and easily protects the night vision. The special SOS for an emergency can even last 72 hours without turning off the light. The compact headlamp H30 is ideal for demanding sports such as hunting, fishing, cycling, camping, backpacking, reading and all night activities.

    1 x CREE® XHP70.2 LED Bulb 50,000 Hours Life Time
      1*21700 5100mAh
        128g without battery


        LED: 1 x Cree XHP70.2 LED with lifespan of 50,000 hours 
             1 x CREE XPE2-R2 630nm Red light
             1 x CREE XPE2-G3 530nm Green light
        Max 4000 lumens powered by included 1x 21700 battery (IMR21700NP-510A) 
        Output Mode & Runtime: 
        Ultra Low: 3 lms, 200 hours; 
        Low: 120 lms, 23.7 hours;
        Medium: 380 lms , 7.5 hours;
        High: 1100 lms, 2.9 hours;
        Turbo: 2200 lms - 1000 lms, 5.5 minutes + 2.4 hours;
        Turbo max.: 4000 lms - 1000 lms, 1.5 minutes + 2.5 hours;
        SOS: 50 lms, 72 hours;
        Red light: 50 lms, 10 hours;
        Green light: 70 lms, 11 hours;

        Low Voltage Indication:
        Ultra Low: 3V  Low: 3V       Medium: 3V
        High: 3V      Turbo: 3.2V    Turbo max.: 3.2V
        SOS: 3V      Red light: 3V   Green light: 3V

        The H30 will be turned off when the voltage at:
        Ultra Low: 2.7V  Low: 2.7V      Medium: 2.7V
        High: 2.7V      Turbo: 2.9V     Turbo max.: 2.9V
        SOS: 2.7V      Red light: 2.7V  Green light: 2.7V

        Charging current: 2A
        Discharge current: 2A

        Battery discharge temperature range: -20℃~70℃
        USB-C 3 times faster charging speed
        Two way USB-C cable, capable of charging Micro-phone as a power bank
        Color temperature: 5000K & 6500K for option
        Red and Green light for nighttime illumination and alerting
        Dual switches for all easy operation
        Multi-color LED for options
        Special mode Red SOS for emergency 
        Reflective headband design with high elasticity and sweat channels
        Working voltage: 3V to 8.4V 
        Max runtime: 200 hours
        Max beam distance: 208 m
        Peak beam intensity: 10800 cd
        Impact resistance: 1 meter
        Waterproof: IPX8
        Size:89.4mm(length)*40.8mm(head diameter)*29mm(tube diameter)
        Weight: 80g excluding battery; 151.5g including 1*21700 battery (IMR21700NP-510A); headband with silicone holder 38.8g
        Material: Aircraft-Grade Aluminium Type&Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish.
        Reflector: Highly polished smooth reflector creates max throw.
        Automatic temperature regulation allows the light to regulate its output and adapt to the ambient environment, therefore maintaining optimal performance.

        Flashlight Transport Warning
        Please remember to turn off light and stick film insulation between battery and switch during transportation.

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        Kategorija: Ribolovačke lampe, Kamperske Lampe

        Brend: Acebeam

        Kod proizvoda - SKU: 6013

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